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The fushun polyurethane

FD001Polyurethane buffer plate

FB007Polyurethane sheet

FB010Polyurethane (pu)15mWear plate

FB003Polyurethane scraper

FG020Polyurethane scraper


FW101Pu high frequency fine screen

FW102Polyurethane dehydration screen mesh(Get a nail installation)

FW002When tight type rectangular mesh

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The fushun polyurethane


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       Yantai fushun polyurethane products co., LTD is specialized in polyurethane products manufacturer,The company is located in the birthplace of the polyurethane industry in China--Yantai city,Is the collection of polyurethane elastomer products and research of polyurethane foam products、Production、Sales for the integration of private enterprises。Product has passedISO9001:2000Quality management system certification。The company has the advanced polyurethane elastomer production equipment and a group of professional and technical personnel engaged in polyurethane production for many years,High quality raw materials,In order to mature technology、Advanced formula,According to customer demand production and processing all kinds of polyurethane products,The main products are:The polyurethane sieve plate、Mesh screen、Pu wear plate、Resistance to drawing、The buffer board、Polyurethane scraper、The lining board、Mechanical plate、Pu canvas bags rubber sheet、Package plastic plate、Polyurethane rods、Pu line、Pu line pulley block、The seals、Pu auto parts、Check wheel block、Polyurethane rubber hose、Mine roller、The wheel、Mine impeller、Sheath and all kinds of polyurethane machinery fittings, etc,The polyurethane canvas bag plastic board and so on five new products have obtained national patent,Product testing quality and various technical indicators are in compliance。

       Has wear-resisting polyurethane products、Oil resistant、Resistance to acid and alkali、Resistant to ozone、Ageing resistance、Resistance to low temperature、Tear resistance、Impact resistance、High elasticity、Vibration absorbing power,Load support large capacity etc,Widely used in national defense、Mining machinery、Construction machinery、Chemical machinery、Textile machinery、Wood processing、The auto industry、Printing machinery、Metallurgical industry、Agricultural machinery and sports equipment and other industries。

       The company's motto:Honesty molded brand,Quality win the market。It is this quality concept,To make the products of our company not only won the recognition of users all over the country,Also exported to North America、South America、More than a dozen countries and regions such as southeast Asia and Europe。


Yantai fushun polyurethane products co., LTD

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