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Chizhou water industry、The water supply、Drainage water environmental company“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind...[2019-09-18]
The company party branch to convey the central commission for discipline inspection of Yuan Renguo serious disciplinary violations WeiFaAn bulletin[2019-09-17]
The whole province“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”The theme of education ministry of the first and the second batch of...[2019-09-09]
The central“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”Subject education issued by leadership team《About to open...[2019-09-06]
To carry out“Xi general secretary important discourse study--Strictly avoid formalism bureaucracy...[2019-08-29]
“The chapter two history books”Concentrated study on special subject study[2019-08-29]
Announcement of the notice
Urban pipe network water quality announcement(2019...[2019-09-16]
Urban pipe network water quality announcement(2019...[2019-08-29]
Urban pipe network water quality announcement(2019...[2019-08-10]
Urban pipe network water quality announcement(2019...[2019-07-11]
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