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    Company introduction

        Shaoxing shangyu hua cheng fan co., LTD(Formerly shangyu hua cheng air blower factory,Was established1993Years)The company is located in the Yangtze river delta,Adjacent to hangzhou-ningbo highway and three high speed,The transportation is convenient。In order to meet the needs of enterprise development and market demand,The company invested heavily in the pu industry development zone,Covers an area of18000Square meters,To build the new factory,The new office building,And in2008Founded in shangyu hua cheng fan co., LTD
        The company has been committed to the development、Development of high-tech ventilation、Refrigeration products,According to the ventilation equipment the development trend of user requirements,Focus on the future,Starting from avant-garde,Successively developed a centrifugal fan, Roof fan,Smoke extraction fan,Axial flow fan,Tunnel fan,Fan box,The induced fan,The fan of the sidewall,Pipe fan,Mixed flow fan,The diagonal flow fan,The fire damper,The exhaust valve,Muffler series,And provide the above fan impeller and other accessories products。Produced by the company“HTF、HTFC、HTFB”Series fan and fire“PYFH”Series smoke fire damper has passed“National fire-fighting equipment quality supervision and inspection center”In the form of inspection。And in the same year through OctoberISO9001:2000Quality management system standard。
        The company advanced production technology,Testing equipment is perfect,Has the advanced cutting board、Rolled plate、Bending、Wheel molding and other processing equipment,Have of dynamic and static balance testing equipment,And can provide the design、Installation and debugging and technical training services。Wasin who are interested in deep、A high standard of dimming flux field,Do the ventilation equipment。As aWTOThe new members,Our industry is faced with more market opportunities and challenges,It also forces us to further speed up the pace of development,Take the market as the guidance,For the society dedication high quality refrigeration and ventilation equipment of high efficiency and energy saving products。
         The company product design advanced,Production process is perfect。Strict process management,Strict quality inspection,Manufacture of all kinds of fan with high efficiency、Energy consumption province、Low noise、Compact bodies、Good balance precision、The advantages of long service life。
          The company products are sold to Beijing、Shanghai、Shenyang and other large and medium-sized cities,Get the user consistent high praise,Huge social benefit and economic benefit were obtained,A brand of our company。
         The company in good faith*,The principle of quality first,More and more be accepted by the majority of users,Have a certain brand effect。Wasin, as always, the pursuit to、Continuously exceed、With high quality products and services to accept your test!
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    • SDSThe tunnel jet fire smoke exhaust fan3CCertification
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    • CDFSeries of centrifugal fan vane kitchen lampblack
    • SCFSingle suction forward type centrifugal fan
    • CDFLow noise fan circular pipes
    • HL3-2ALow noise mixed flow blower
    • SWFPositive pressure air supply mixed flow fan
    • WSPDAxial flow blower of the sidewall
    • Shangyu hua cheng4-73Industrial dust exhausting centrifugal fan
    • DWTAxial flow all aluminum roof fan
    • More positive pressure air supply outlet、The exhaust port
    • DBFLow noise centrifugal fan box
    • BLD(BPT)Metal room type suction a top ventilator
    • HTF-DHigh temperature low pressure fire smoke exhaust axial flow fan
    • SEFExplosion-proof wall fan
    • BDFBZThe square wall explosion-proof axial flow fan
    • BFT35-11Explosion-proof flame retardant axial flow fan
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Shaoxing shangyu hua cheng fan co., LTD
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